Snack time

Snack time!

What makes for a good snack?

A snack that’s healthy, nutritious AND delicious? Yes, it’s possible! When preparing your kid’s lunch box, think of foods that help keep their bellies full between meals and provide an added boost of energy. To guide and inspire you, here are a few tips and tricks that are sure to get you and your family through the school year!

The secret to putting together a snack that’s both healthy and tasty: combine protein and carbohydrates. Here are a few examples of simple combos that’ll do the trick. Print up this handy chart and stick it to your pantry as a quick go-to reference!

Winning combos for snacks that are
well-balanced and delicious

Time-saving tips

Time-saving tips

Coming home at the end of the day can be hectic: you have to prepare supper, pack everyone’s lunch for the next day, help the kids with their homework, supervise bath time, story time, bed time . . .oh my! To simplify your life, try incorporating these three habits into your daily routine:

1) Every weekend, set aside 20 minutes to cut your fruits and vegetables (or try grating them for a change). Running short on time? Grab some pre-cut produce at your local grocery store.

2) Prepare individual portions of your children’s favourite food in advance and store it in reusable containers: fruit compote, cheese, dried fruit, raw veggies, etc. Then you can just grab your pre-prepped containers and go!

3) Reserve a section of your fridge just for snacks, and make sure your kids can access it easily. That way they can get help out when it comes time to packing their lunches by choosing what snacks they want to bring for the day!

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Geneviève O’Gleman

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Tips for reducing waste

More and more schools are asking parents to join their zero-waste mission. Not sure where to start?

Don’t panic—just follow our three simple tips!

reusable snack-sized containers

Buy in bulk (cheese, yogurt, fruit compote, etc.) and then simply transfer into reusable snack-sized containers. By doing so, you’ll be reducing your packaging waste by 6.5 non-usable containers.

refillable water bottles

Stop buying single-serve juice boxes with plastic straws and opt instead for refillable water bottles, or even Mason jars with reusable straws.

snack bags

Swap those plastic Ziploc-type bags for eco-friendly snack bags—they’re reusable, washable, and adorable! Your kids will love them... and so will you!