A hassle for some, puzzling for others, whipping up a lunch menu can leave many of us perplexed! Putting together a lunch that your kids will love—that’s also healthy—can be a bit tricky. To avoid monotony and repetition, all you need is a touch of imagination and a little planning. Here are our recipe suggestions and top tips for packing a lunch that’s both wholesome and delicious!

Nourishing and tasty!

Nourishing and tasty

After several years of revision, Canada’s newly updated Food Guide was revealed with several major changes. So what exactly should we be filling our plates with?

According to the guide, half of our plates should contain fruits and vegetables. Whether it’s fruit salad, apple slices, celery sticks, or snow peas, abundance is key when it comes to fresh produce!    

A satisfying lunch would not be complete without protein. As per the new guide, protein should take up a quarter of our plates. Chicken breast, salmon, pork, or beef, the options are endless! If you wish to cut back on meat, there are several yummy alternatives to choose from: tempeh, legumes, hard-boiled eggs, and tofu are all excellent options.

And finally, the last quarter of our plates should be filled with whole grains. Think bread, pasta, rice, quinoa, crackers, and couscous. By following the food guide recommendations, you can rest assured you are providing your child with a well-balanced meal that will keep them fuelled all day long! 

Reinventing the sandwich

Reinventing the sandwich

Say good-bye to boring old ham sandwiches . . . it’s time to get creative! Try our chicken and apple salad sandwiches! They’re sure to be a hit with the kids, plus they’re so simple to make. Missing an ingredient or two? No worries. Just use whatever you have in your kitchen! 

Want to impress the kiddies? Then try making our quick lunch idea: a sushi-inspired sandwich! It’s easy to make, plus you can pretty much use any ingredient you have on hand. Simply flatten a slice of bread with a rolling pin, add the ingredients of your choice, then roll the bread up and cut into slices. Oohs and ahs guaranteed!    

Take advantage of the occasion to entrust your young ones with a few lunch prep tasks. Family fun guaranteed!

Time-saving tips

Time-saving tips

Maximize your suppers

When making supper, simply cut a few extra vegetables, cook a bit more protein, and store in reusable containers for your lunches the next day.

Assembly line lunches

This is a super-efficient technique that lets you prepare several lunches at once! Simply line up your raw ingredients or those that require very little in the way of cooking. By doing so, you can prep all your lunches for the week—even for the whole month if you freeze your portions.

Grocery list 101

Keep a running list of the things you’ll need on your phone. That way you’ll avoid buying ingredients twice, and you won’t forget to pick up that one ingredient you need to make your next meal!

2-in-1 recipes

Use last night’s leftovers to create a completely different meal for lunch. For example, use last night’s leftover chicken breasts to make paninis. Or, transform leftover pasta into a salad. You’ll save time and money, plus you’ll wow the entire family with brand-new recipes every day! 

A lunch-only section

Dedicate a corner of your pantry and fridge to items used just for lunches. On extra-busy mornings, you’ll be able to quickly find what you need, and that’s money in the bank! 

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Tips for reducing waste

reusable bag

No more plastic bags! Most schools have a waste reduction policy in place, so get onboard! Store sandwiches in reusable bags, plastic or glass containers, or even silicone or cotton bags.

Thermos jug

Insulated containers (think Thermos) are also a great way to cut down on waste. They’re ideal for soup (which makes a great autumn lunch!), and they’re leak-proof so your children’s lunch boxes stay clean. Win-win!

reusable cutlery

Plastic cutlery is practical, but definitely not eco-friendly! Instead, opt for reusable cutlery, or simply use the cutlery you have at home.

Cloth napkins

Another great initiative: replacing paper napkins with cloth ones. Not only are they pretty, but they’re more durable and better for the environment!