Food is everything
Simple food, great food, comfort food; we believe every meal is a reason to celebrate. Food is life. Food is everything.


When it comes to the holidays, I enjoy making traditional recipes, all while adding a touch of innovation. The important thing is to offer up much-loved classics, but with a modern twist. Pizza bites, finger sandwiches, charcuteries, and festive logs are just some of the holiday classics I like to offer my guests.

One thing’s for sure: hors-d’œuvres are always a success, especially with kids. It can be challenging to get children to sit through an entire meal; serving a selection of small bites means they can eat and play all night long . . . which is a formula that I love!

My new Yule log will definitely be featured on this year’s dessert table. Light and refreshing, it’s the perfect way to end the meal!


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