Traditional Christmas Dining

Traditional Christmas Dining

This year, scintillate your guests' taste buds with a truly traditional Christmas menu. Keep it simple by choosing from our classic, but absolutely delicious, recipes.

Hors d'oeuvres

To open everyone's appetite, start the evening with a series of original cocktail bites. Calculate up to eight bites per person and mix up the flavours.


Easier than hors d'oeuvres, cheese and deli platters are no less impressive when they're filled with choice!


Once sitting at the table, set the tone for your meal with a hot or cold starter that's easy to prepare, but still dazzles the senses.

Main course

A traditional meal doesn't mean a boring meal! With the great classics cooked to perfection, you're guaranteed to win the award for the best Christmas meal ever.


Sides that are simple and easy to prepare are all you need to round off your main course.


The highlight of the show, dessert is what your guests will remember long after the festivities fade into the night. So get cooking to serve a traditional yule log, a festive cake, or an original dessert!