Botella Oscura Cabernet


Aromatique et Charnu

This taste tag is perfect for fans of strong, robust wine! Wines with this taste tag are easily recognized by their deep red colour and dominant notes of fruit, spice, and wood. Their robust profile is a result of their powerful tannins. 

Here are two must-try “aromatic and robust” reds:  

Botella Oscura Cabernet

Let yourself be charmed by this Cabernet Sauvignon from Spain, with its red-violet tint and complex bouquet of raspberry and blackcurrant jam. This wine boasts perfect balance and a rich and pleasant mouthfeel. 

Perfect pairings

Keep it simple by pairing this wine with red meat, marinated and grilled on the BBQ. If you love sauce dishes, opt for duck, lamb, deer, or beef. Think beef in a creamy mushroom sauce, filet mignon with pepper cream sauce, or deer in a red wine sauce. Feel like comfort food? Go with a spicy sausage dish, like venison sausage casserole.

Le Clermont

With its deep purple colour, aromas of ripe berries, caramel, and dried raspberries, this French Cabernet Sauvignon is sure to please everyone! On the palate, it exudes notes of black plum, caramel, and herbs. The long persistent finish is robust and tannic.

Perfect pairings

Raclette is the perfect laidback supper to enjoy with this flavourful red. Another easy and delicious option is Italian sausage pizza. The wine’s complex aromas would really highlight the flavours in both of these meals. Do you BBQ year round? Pair this bottle of red with marinated flank steak!