Alta Gama


Fruity and Light

Wines from this taste tag are versatile, simple and refreshing. They offer delightful strawberry and banana aromas and supple tannins, and are best enjoyed young.

Here is a rosé and a red from the “fruity and light” taste tags for you to try:

Maison de Châtillon Grenache

A sparking ruby-coloured rosé, it combines the Grenache and Syrah varieties—a feast for your palate! This Languedoc wine offers subtle aromas from small red berries, and its raspberry and lychee flavours build up to a truly refreshing finale. 

Perfect pairings

Keep it light and simple when pairing this rosé with food. We recommend serving it with a summer tomato or niçoise salad, grilled chicken or cold cut baguette sandwiches.

Alta Gama Castelao

This Portuguese red features the complex aromas of blackcurrant, black cherries, and raspberries. The hint of small wild fruit gives it a burst of flavour that everyone will love!

Perfect pairings

Lamb chops and flank steak are excellent choices for this medium-bodied wine. Also, blue cheese and Alta Gama make for a scrumptious wine and cheese!