Esprit Rebelle Syrah Grenache


Fruity and medium-bodied

These wines offer a deep red colour and delicious fruity aromas that your guests are sure to love. Not woody, “fruity and medium-bodied” wines stand out for their sustained yet subtle tannins. They are particularly flavourful and very accessible. They have no added artificial flavours—their red-fruit aromas come naturally from grapes. 

Here are two fruity and medium-bodied wines worth discovering:

Esprit Rebelle Syrah Grenache

This red combines two grape varieties—Syrah and Grenache—giving it balance and character. Its ripe and candied fruit flavours are offset by spicy notes and smooth tannins.

Perfect pairings

The supple tannins from this wine pair perfectly with your nonna’s tomato sauce. Carnivores will also love it: this medium-bodied wine has enough structure to enhance the flavours of braised lamb, steak or pork roast dishes. 

Surreal Syrah

The Surreal Syrah is robust. A deep shade of purple, it is deliciously complex and sure to please even the most knowledgeable connoisseurs. Its sweet aromas evoke persistent notes of currant, cedar, and vanilla.

Perfect pairings

The spicy undertones of this wine bring out the flavours in your burgers or skewered filet mignon. If you’re hosting cocktail hour, it pairs really well with a cheesy nacho platter.