Gold Dus


Fruity and Sweet

You’ll instantly fall for these wines with dominant notes of fruit. Semi-dry wines from the “fruity and sweet” taste tag are great served with sweet & salty dishes, like Asian-inspired recipes. Liquor wines are the drink of predilection when it comes time to serve dessert. Semi-dry wines are generally served between 8 and 10°C, while liquor wines are served between 6 and 7°C. Sweet wines are at their best served around 8°C.

Here’s a “fruity and sweet” wine worth discovering: 

Gold Dus

Gold Dus wines are inspired by the determination and passion of the gold hunters who established themselves in Australia in the 19th century. This wine is characterized by its pale yellow colour and delicate aromas of flowers and baked green apples. It is light on the palate and exudes fresh accents of fruit.

Perfect pairings

This wine will bring lightness and freshness to your meal! Serve it as an aperitif alongside scallop bites, or pour yourself a glass with a plate of sushi or a crisp California salad. It’s also great paired with a cheese and charcuterie platter.