Ve Ne Dà


Fruity and Vibrant

Add a hint of summer to your table with wines from the “fruity and vibrant” taste tag category, which offer citrus and exotic fruit aromas. Their fruity flavours are typically combined with delicate floral and mineral notes. They give the palate a certain richness and pleasant acidity.

Here are two “fruity and vibrant” wines you simply must try:

Ve Ne Dà

You will be charmed by this vibrant and refreshing Sauvignon Blanc, with slightly smoked ripe grape and honeydew aromas. A feast for the eyes and the palate, this pretty straw-coloured wine has character, and wildflower citrus and honey flavours.

Perfect pairings

The citrusy notes of this wine are sure to bring out the delicate taste of your fish and shrimp ceviche. Its refreshing aspect also creates a striking contrast when paired with mahi-mahi burgers. If gazpacho is your thing, know that this wine pairs perfectly with cold summer soups.

Aperto, Fumé Blanc

Travel through the comfort of your own home with this white wine—its subtle herb aromas are reminiscent of jalapeño peppers and lime zest. Its light grapefruit and tropical fruit flavours balance out its delicate acidity nicely.

Perfect pairings

This wine is a delicious echo to a fresh summer salad. As an appetizer or dessert, its great delicacy pairs well with a cheese platter. Its hint of citrus makes it an exquisite choice for seafood.