Quebec’s fruits and vegetables

Quebec’s fruits and vegetables

Eating local is all about treating yourself and enjoying the variety of in-season products available right here in Quebec. Keep an eye out for our seasonal produce and add a dose of freshness to your cooking!
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Calendrier des arrivages

May June July August September
Broccoli x
Cauliflower x
Other lettuce (romaine, leaf...) x
Tomatoes x
Field cucumbers x
Cabbage x
Zucchini x
Winter squash (pumpkins, butternut, and other) x
Fresh herbs x
Corn on the cob x
Potatoes x
Carrots x
Onions x
Asparagus x
Garlic x
Beets x
Bell peppers x
Beans (green or yellow) x
Green onions x
Fiddleheads x
Rutabagas x
Radishes x
Eggplants x
Strawberries x
Raspberries x
Blueberries x
Apples x
Cranberries x
Ground cherries x