Jazz up your burgers

It’s easier than ever to create original burgers that will satisfy your guests' appetites, so get grilling!
Everyone knows that you're the burger master. And with such a variety of ground meat, buns, and toppings, the possibilities are endless. 

Ground meat for every taste

You’ll find a wide variety of ground meats at your local IGA that can be prepared hundreds of ways. Discover surprising flavour combinations and original garnish ideas. Taste the difference!
Réinventez votre burger tout l'été

Reinvent your burgers all summer long

Rule #1:

Vary your ground meats. As well as classics like beef, pork, veal, and lamb, try turkey, chicken, bison, horse meat, Gibiers Canabec duck or even elk meat.

Rule #2:

Revamp your patties. Be creative! Add fresh herbs, spices, dried fruit, or even cheese curds for a touch of flavour that will make all the difference.

Rule #3:

Vary the buns. On top of classic hamburger buns, you can try mini hamburger buns, Kaiser rolls, flatbread, mini bagelwich or even mini ciabattas.

Rule #4:

Add a multitude of toppings. Fine cheeses, condiments, marinated vegetables, fresh herbs, and fruits and vegetables are burger essentials.

Osez garnir vos burgers de fruits grillés

Grilled fruit makes a great burger topping!

Brush some spicy mayonnaise onto a sesame burger bun toasted on the grill, add your choice of meat patty, and top it with a lovely slice of grilled pineapple.

To add a hint of sweetness, top your burger with onions you’ve caramelized with balsamic vinegar and honey

mini burgers

Sliced cheese

Practical and tasty, it’s the perfect finishing touch for your burgers!


Go ahead – replace mayonnaise with guacamole!

Mash the flesh of an avocado and mix it with diced tomato, minced fresh cilantro, chopped green onion, and a splash of lime juice. It's absolutely delicious with some Tomme de Grosse-Île cheese on a burger! 

Our winning combinations:

Veal (tender, subtly sweet) Turkey or chicken (low fat, mild flavour) Pork (lean with a mellow palate)
grilled prosciutto and Swiss cheese Emmental or Oka cheese brie
roasted peppers and Boston lettuce avocado and salsa or bruschetta pear or apple and arugula